Tanah Lot Temple – Attractiveness And The Best Time To Visit

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah lot temple is one of the places most favored by foreign tourists who come back. this place is one of the great places to watch the sunset. Tanah Lot Temple located as one of the six cardinal temples of Bali, with its multi-tiered Meru (pagodas) perched on a rocky outcropping in the sea, highlighted against the hazy hues of the sunset.

This spot is visited by tourists every day from over the world especially during sunset that creates a breathtaking view and romantic nuance. Bali Island, besides being famous for its temple and culture, is also famous for its sunset. There are many locations to see the sunset in Bali and one of them is Tanah Lot Temple.

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History of Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot was founded by the Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha in the 16th century.  Legend has it that he slept on the site one evening and afterward suggested that the Balinese build a sacred temple on the spot. The temple is one of the six cardinal temples in Bali that are strung out in a line down the west coast, and on a clear day, you can see all the way to another cardinal temple.

The name Pura Tanah lot means ‘temple of the sea and the earth’ and once there it is easy to see why. The temple was built on top of jagged rocks just off the coast, and it is only accessible at low tide, when a footpath appears, along the sand and out to the rocks. Inside, there are two pavilions and two shrines a 7-tiered Meru and a 3-tiered Meru.

The uniqueness of Tanah Lot tourist attractions

The Best Place To View Sunset

Tanah Lot Temple

One of the main destinations of tourists to come to Bali, because it has a beautiful sunset. The beauty of Tanah Lot’s sunset view that makes tourists never get bored of a vacation to the Tanah Lot Bali tourist attraction.

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Tanah Lot Temple Location In The Middle Of the sea

Tanah Lot tourist attractions, There have 2 temples, one is located on a cliff like in Uluwatu Temple and a unique cliff has a translucent hole on both sides. The name of the temple on the cliff is Pura Batu Bolong Tanah Lot.

Besides the beauty of Tanah Lot sunset, the location of the Tanah Lot temple in the middle of the beach makes its own unique impression. In the afternoon, the Tanah Lot temple becomes the foreground of a scene surrounded by sunset views.

Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot Beach is a beautiful rocky beach with a black sandy coastline and famous throughout the world because of the unique Hindu temple set on the big rock and encircled by the seawater.

This Place is one of the favorite surf spots in Bali Island due to blessed by the great wave and powerful. The surfers must take off the wave from right to left side surf direction.

Holy Snake

Tanah Lot Temple, there is a sea snake with characteristics, flat-tailed like a fish, black with yellow. According to the story, the sea snake is the incarnation of the temple Shawl.

The founder of the temple was a Brahmin from Java who wandered to Bali. He was named Dang_Hyang_Nirartha “Dang Yang Nirartha. It is said that the Tanah Lot sacred snake was assigned as the guardian of the temple.

Holy Water Cave at Tanah Lot Temple

There is holy water its located on the cave just below of Tanah Lot temple, this is a source of natural water which can also be called Beji.

This holy water source you can only reach low tide. The holy water at Tanah Lo Temple is also believed can heal sick people and give fertility for a couple who wish to have children.

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Art Market at Tanah Lot Temple

Balinese Souvenirs

Like most of the tourist sites in any places in Bali, this spot also has a shopping area called Tanah Lot Art Market which located just along the way to the Tanah Lot Temple area.

This art market is always crowded with domestic and international shoppers looking for a great deal, from unique motif batiks, intricate Balinese carvings to the most iconic knick-knacks you won’t find outside the island.

Art Market at Tanah Lot Temple offers the most unique shopping experiences, where you can discover a treasure trove of artworks and handicrafts by talented local craftsmen, all at bargain prices!

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Kecak Dance

Bali Safest Driver Uluwatu Sunset Kecak Dance

In Bali, have many locations to watch Balinese Kecak dance performances, one of which is the Tanah Lot temple, which is scheduled after the sunset.

Several tourist attractions or temples in Bali schedule Kecak Dance show such as Uluwatu Temple, Batubulan village, Ubud, and etc. But Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot Temple is really not to miss.

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Don’t worry, because, in the Tanah Lot Temple area, there are restaurants that provide a variety of food and drinks.

All About The Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple comes from the two words, Tanah is the means of land in Indonesia, while Lot means sea. So Tanah Lot means Land in the middle of the sea.

Distance to sea the view of Tanah Lot temple from the vehicle parking area of ​​approximately 200 meters. Along the way from the parking lot to the Tanah Lot tourist spot, you will see many souvenir sellers.

Access to the reef location of Tanah Lot temple is only available at low tide. However, tourists are not allowed to visit the Tanah Lot temple area, unless they want to pray. There aren’t special rules when a vacation to Tanah Lot. Different if you want to pray and must wear a sarong, shoulder cloth, and shawl.

Tanah Lot Temple Address and Location Maps

Tanah Lot Temple is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency. The distance is about 13 km to the west of the city of Tabanan. From Ngurah Rai airport, the temple can be reached in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes.

To make it easier for readers to know the exact location of the Tanah Lot Temple, please use the map below!

The Best Way to Location

What is the best way to get to the Uluwatu temple? Bellow, the best way to head Tanah Lot Temple from your location ;

  1. Rent a motorcycle.
  2. Use a car rental service. But if you’re not familiar with Bali roads on the Bali Island. It’s best to use a car rental service with a driver in Bali. To avoid getting lost on the road.
  3. If you don’t want to be complicated for organizing transportation and travel. It’s necessary to look for a Bali private tour package

Opening Hours

Opening hours of the tourist attraction Tanah Lot temple from 07:00 – 19:00.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists usually visit Tanah Lot Temple at 5 pm. Because the sunlight is not hot, and the view of the sunset will begin in an hour.

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