Balangan beach & best things to do in the Balangan beach

balangan beach

Balangan beach is one of the great places to see the sunset with white sand and very clear water making the eyes beautiful to look at. When visiting Bali Island for a holiday, most of the travelers will look and love to visit for white-sand beaches in Bali.

Furthermore, there are many white-sand beaches available in Bali, and one of them is Balangan Beach Bali. Therefore, if you love to stay in the southern part of Bali island and love to have surfing activities on the sites who offer a clean white sand beach, then I recommend you to visit the Balangan white sand beaches Bali.

balangan beach

For those who have visited Bali more than once, than it will be not hard to find Bali attractions. Also, for sure you must have heard about Balangan Bali, or perhaps you have visited this place before.

Best Things To Do In Balangan Beach

The Beach in Balangan well knows and get plenty visit by surfer fan from all around the world. You can find one of the best waves on this beach, amazing scenery that stretches along the coastline. Besides that, the tide on Balangan Beach offers plenty kind of section, also offer a 500-meter long ride when you can get a bigger wave.

Balangan Beach

For you who do not surf, you must be wondering! Is this beach appropriate for me to visit with friends and family, for lay down on the beach?

Balangan Beach Bali is no longer a place to visit only by surfer, nowadays many visitors came to the beach for viewing stunning sunset views, swimming on clear seawater, and relaxing on a white sand beach.

On the beach, there are a few small cafes that provide drinks and food that you can buy. With coconut cooler in hand, lay down on a clean white sand beach while enjoying the stunning view of the sunset, what else that better than this as your things to do in Bali.

Beach Near To Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach location is also adjacent to the white sand beach in Bali below!

  1. Balangan Beach bali
  2. Suluban Beach
  3. Padang – Padang Beach

Bali Island has so many beautiful beaches with its own characteristics and uniqueness. Of course, during your vacation in Bali island, surely you want to know about the list of beaches other beaches in Bali and interesting to visit.

However, if you want a vacation to the white sand beach while on vacation in Bali, while trying tourist activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, or sea walkers. Then the Tanjung Benoa beach in Bali is suitable for you to visit.

Water tourism activities at Tanjung Benoa beach are more famous by the name of Tanjung Benoa watersport and I am sure you are right now Tanjung Benoa, Bali.

How to get to Balangan Beach

The location of the beach is not hard to get, is located in the southern part of Bali, and very close to Bali International Airport. From Kuta Beach Bali you only need 60 minutes with a 23-kilometer distance. Also, located very close to GWK Bali, which is only 21 minutes driving and 31 minutes to Uluwatu temple. To make it easier for you to find the position of Balangan beach on Google Map.

The Best Way to Location

What is the best way to get to Balangan Beach? Bellow, the best way to head Balangan Beach from your location ;

  • Rent a motorcycle.
  • Use a car rental service. But if you’re not familiar with Bali roads on the Bali Island. It’s best to use a car rental service with a driver in Bali. To avoid getting lost on the road.
  • If you don’t want to be complicated for organizing transportation and travel. It’s necessary to look for a Bali private tour package.

Entry fee

At this moment there is no entrance fee to enter the beach of Balangan in Bali. You only required paying a parking fee.

Motorbike.IDR 5,000
CarIDR 15,000
Entry Fee

Parking Area

Balangan beach area provides a fairly large parking area for visitors so you don’t worry.

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