Buyan Lake – Attractiveness And Entry fee

buyan lake

Buyan lake located in the Pancasari Village area, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Are you looking for an interesting natural tourist spot in Bali to visit? Lake Buyan in Bedugul is a choice.

Bali isn’t only famous for its beach, temples, and culture, but Bali is also famous for its beautiful lakes, one of which is Buyan Lake.

Buyan Lake is one of three twin lakes that form in a large caldera. It is flanked by two other lakes, namely Tamblingan Lake in the west and Beratan lake in the east.

Buyan Lake area is a suitable area to enjoy nature by camping, fishing, cycling, and making an event. the distribution of places for camps and parking is good and some areas around the lake have been made more attractive, and there are public bathrooms, stalls, and tent rentals around the residents.

The Natural Attraction of Lake Buyan Bedugul Bali

1. Beautiful Natural Tourist Spots

The location of Buyan Lake is above an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level, so the tourist area in Bedugul has a cool temperature during the day and at night it becomes cold.

Buyan Bedugul itself is located in the middle of a tropical forest area which is very dense and unspoiled.

The area of ​​the Nature Park in Bedugul Bali is about 1,700 hectares, and that does not include the forest area on the edge of the lake. If we calculate the area of ​​the forest conservation area itself, it can reach an area of ​​around 15,000 hectares, most of which are wilderness.

Many tourists come here because they really like this place as a good place for relaxation and refreshing. Because the Lake Buyan area in Bedugul Bali has a different natural feel from a number of natural tourist attractions on the island of Bali,

where the atmosphere is much quieter and calm and comfortable to live in because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city that often stresses us.

2. Lake Buyan Camping Bedugul Bali

The location or area of ​​the campsite at Lake Buyan Bedugul itself is located to the south of Lake Buyan.

The Lake Buyan Camping area stands on a fairly large area of ​​land and is fun to be in under towering shady trees that create shade.

The natural scenery in the camping area on Lake Buyan Bedugul is very beautiful, the air is cool and of course, the atmosphere is calm.

even behind the hill of the camp area, it turns out that there is an area that is a favorite of tourists,

namely a tourist area for adventure or adventure tourism lovers, exploring forest areas such as trekking to mountain bike activities and motorbike trails.


There are several tourist facilities available that are quite representative, including parking, toilets for bathing, washing toilets (MCK), as well as a security unit guarding the camping area.

Equipment Rental Prices and Camping Costs

if you already have camping equipment then you don’t need to rent it anymore.

However, for those of you who don’t want to be complicated and to bring their own camping equipment from home, then you can rent them on location.

To rent a tent with other camping equipment in Adanau Buyan, here is a list of details that you can prepare;

  1. Tent rental price (Capacity 4 people) IDR 125,000
  2. Price for 1 bunch of firewood Rp.10,000 / bunch
  3. The price of 1 bottle of kerosene Rp.10,000 / bottle

Camping Tips

There are some tips before going to camp at Lake Buyan, such as;

  1. Make sure you bring an extra blanket that is thick enough or sleeping bag because the night air temperature there is very cold. or rent a campsite in a package with a tent.
  2. thick jackets, scarves, socks, beanie hats, and others.
  3. Bring enough food supplies, because if it is cold usually the stomach will quickly feel hungry.
  4. Third, be sure to be comfortable on the side of Lake Buyan, avoid camping here during the holiday season, because it will be crowded. Make sure you have to arrive early or order rental equipment in advance.

3. Ulun Danu Temple area

Lake Buyan tourist attraction in the Bedugul Tabanan area of Bali, there is also a temple, namely Pura Ulun Danu Buyan.

Ulun Danu Buyan Temple itself is located on the north side of the Buyan Lake Bedugul Bali area.

Ulun Danu Buyan Temple is located a little higher, and right on the shore of Buyan Lake, we can also see a large Wantilan.

Activities that you can do


For those who are interested in fishing in Buyan Lake, we can also bring our own equipment or rent it there.

Strawberry picking

Strawberry plants are a source of livelihood for local residents, besides being sold to the market, the farmers also serve direct purchases for tourists who come there.

And the most exciting thing is, the owner of the strawberry garden is also the desire of the buyer to immediately pick the strawberries themselves in their garden.

5. Wanagiri Hill

You can access the location of the Wanagiri forest by walking or driving by taking the north direction from the Bedugul tourist area

Wanagiri Hill is an area of habitat for endangered and protected species, namely monkeys or long-tailed monkeys. many tourists who deliberately stop driving and step their feet for a moment chatting with these monkeys,

Another interesting thing that we can enjoy while in Wanagiri Forest is that we can see the charm of the beauty of Buyan Lake from a higher place.

6. Munduk Village

Munduk Village is a humid high altitude area that flanks both sides of the village. where if you look towards the north side, right of the road, you can see a beautiful expanse of the city of Singaraja and the north coast of Bali.

while on the south side, on the left side of the road, you can see the exotic charm of Lake Buyan complete with agricultural areas and surrounding villages, this village has a very beautiful charm. Like being fenced by natural hills with protected forests that are dense with trees.

Munduk is a fast alternative way to the Lovina beach tourism area without going through Singaraja City.

Location Of Buyan Lake

Buyan lake located in the Pancasari Village area, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

From Denpasar to the location is about 30 KM (1.5 hours drive).

The location where Buyan Lake itself is more precisely is located about 1 kilometer from the Bedugul Botanical Garden (corn statue).

To simplify the route to Lake Buyan, the benchmark direction is the Pancasari market, which has a strawberry fruit statue.

then we just have to follow the direction of the road for about 3 km to the end, and we will arrive at the natural attraction of Lake Buyan Bedugul.

Location Maps

To make it easier for readers to know the exact location of Buyan Lake, please use the map below!

The Best Way to Location

What is the best way to get to the Uluwatu temple? Bellow, the best way to head Uluwatu Temple from your location ;

  • Rent a motorcycle.
  • Use a car rental service. But if you’re not familiar with Bali roads on the Bali Island. It’s best to use a car rental service with a driver in Bali. To avoid getting lost on the road.
  • If you don’t want to be complicated for organizing transportation and travel. It’s necessary to look for a Bali private tour package

Opening Hours

The operational time of tourist attractions in Bedugul Bali is open 24 hours a day, free to enter and go.

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