Kintamani tourist attractions and Natural Beauty of the Mountain


Kintamani tourism area is in the northeastern part of the island of Bali and under the caldera of Mount Batur, one of the active volcanoes in Bali.
Besides having a volcano, in the Kintamani tourism area tourists can also see views of a natural lake called Lake Batur.

In the tourism area. Such as Penelokan village, Abung village, Songan village, Toya Bungkah village, Batur village, Kedisan village, and Kintamani village are included in the Bangli district government. Most tourists who vacation in one of the villages are more familiar with Kintamani, even though tourists are actually vacationing in Penelokan or other villages.

There are three favorite tourist villages to see the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Namely Penelokan village, Batur village, and Kintamani village,
because it is located in the highlands. In addition to seeing the natural scenery of mountains and lakes, tourists who vacation at Kintamani attractions also like to soak in a natural hot spring pool in the village of Toya Bungkah.

Local Residents

The native people of Kintamani are very friendly and most of the people of Kintamani work as farmers. Because this region has the potential for agricultural land which is supported by cool nature and fertile land. Famous agricultural products include oranges, tomatoes, cauliflowers, and shallots. In addition to agricultural produce, the Kintamani area is also well-known as a place to look for small pet dogs and bushy fur.


Supporting tourism facilities in Kintamani are very adequate. There are many inns, restaurants, and food stalls with varying prices. Kintamani tourist area, the air the environment is very fresh, with very cool temperatures rising 21 degrees Celsius during the day.

Tourism Attractions in Kintamani

The main attraction of Kintamani is the Mount Batur view and the view of Lake Batur which can be seen from the Penelokan village. Natural hot spring baths in the village of Toya Bungkah and cool climate and fresh air in mountainous areas. The main thing you can do at the Kintamani tourist spot is to enjoy lunch while looking at views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Restaurants in Kintamani, most of which provide a buffet type of food, so you can enjoy all you want.

Location of the Kintamani Tourism

The Kintamani tourist area is located in the Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The journey to the Kintamani tourist attraction from the city of Denpasar, about 2 hours by a vehicle about 80.9 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport. There are many paths to get to the Kintamani tourist area. However, Indonesian tourists who want to take a vacation to the Kintamani tourist spot usually go through the Ubud tourist area. To make it easier for you to find tourist areas, please click here!

The Best Way to Location

What is the best way to get to Kintamani? Bellow, the best way to head Kintamani from your location ;

  1. Book the Kintamani Tour Package
  2. Rent a motorcycle.
  3. Use a car rental service. But if you’re not familiar with Bali roads on the Bali Island. It’s best to use a car rental service with a driver in Bali. To avoid getting lost on the road.
  4. If you don’t want to be complicated for organizing transportation and travel. It’s necessary to look for a Bali private tour package.

List of Attractions in Kintamani Bali and Surrounding Areas

Kintamani tourism area has several interesting tourist attractions and their locations are close to one another. Therefore, the Kintamani tourism object is one of the favorite tourist attractions while on holiday in Bali. Because it becomes one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bali, many travel agents offer cheap tour packages in Bali for a vacation to Kintamani Bali.

Mount Batur

One of the active volcanoes on the island of Bali is Mount Batur. Mount Batur is also the second-highest mountain, after Mount Agung which is located in the tourist attraction area of Besakih. The expanse of black rocks from the eruption of Mount Batur was very very interesting as a location for the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Kintamani Penelokan Village

Penelokan Village is one of the places most visited by tourists while on vacation to Kintamani. The reason is that in the village of Penelokan Kintamani the air is cool, and there are many buffet restaurants with direct access to see the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur from a height.

Penelokan Kintamani Village is one of the best places to see the view from Lake Batur and Mount Batur. Most tourists when in the village of Penelokan Kintamani will do photo activities, with a background of mountain scenery and Lake Batur. For the best time to visit the village of Penelokan Kintamani is in the morning around 09:00. Because at noon before 12:30, clouds began to cover the mountains.

Hot Spring In Kintamani

The village of Toya Bungkah Kintamani, there is a hot spring. Toya Bungkah Kintamani’s hot spring comes from a spring close to Mount Batur. So natural hot water, not artificial hot springs and hot water, contains sulfur. Because it contains sulfur, hot springs are believed to cure skin diseases.

Lake Batur

The location of Lake Batur is on the slopes of Mount Batur. The crescent-shaped lake when viewed from a height, besides Lake Batur is also referred to as the most beautiful caldera in the world by most foreign tourists. Most tourists visiting Kintamani choose to see the lake view of Batur from a restaurant in the village of Penelokan. But there are also tourists who want to get around in the middle of Lake Batur by renting a boat.

Ulundanu Batur Temple

From the Penelokan Kintamani Village, the tour in Kintamani can also be continued north towards a temple, the Ulun Danu Batur Temple. This temple is one of the important temples in Bali. Lake Batur Ulun Temple had previously been destroyed by the eruption of Mount Batur and was rebuilt in 1926.

Montana Del Cafe Kintamani

Montana Del Cafe Kintamani is one of the instagramable places in Bali that is currently being hit by teenagers. This place is a cafe to enjoy a glass of coffee with a beautiful view that will spoil the eyes. This cafe is located at Jalan Raya Penelokan No. 889, Kecamatan Batur Tengah Kintamani, Bangli Regency. This place has only been opened since early 2020 but has been visited by many young people.

Tugu Kopi

Tegukopi is a new hangout that can be your choice to enjoy the refreshing natural atmosphere. The scenery is very beautiful against the background
Mount Batur Kintamani which is very exotic. This cafe does not only provide coffee, but also a variety of foods, snacks, and drinks that good taste and appearance.

This cafe is open from 9 to 4 pm. Located on Jl Raya penelokan, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Bangli Regency.

If you want to know The best place to hangout and background of mount Batur Kintamani please click this link.

Shopping Activities at Kintamani Tourist Attractions

The Kintamani tourist attraction is a suitable place for you who want to shop for Balinese souvenirs. But to get cheap prices of typical Balinese souvenirs in the Kintamani area, you must be good at bargaining.

Besides Balinese souvenirs, Kintamani is also famous for producing fresh fruits and vegetables. The most famous fruit in the Kintamani region is the Kintamani orange.

Besides Balinese souvenirs, Kintamani is also famous for producing fresh fruits and vegetables. The most famous fruits in the Kintamani region is the Kintamani orange besides Balinese souvenirs Kintamani is also famous for producing fresh fruits and vegetables.