Uluwatu Kecak Dance 

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Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance  is a typical Balinese dance performance that tells about Ramayana.  describing the Ramayana story as a row of apes helping Rama against Rahwana.

Kecak Dance gets its name from the sound of the performer chanting “cak-cak-cak” which is reminiscent of  chattering monkeys . This chanting fills the role of an orchestra , simulating the staccato rhythms of the gamelan . The gist of the story is the opposition of prince Rama’s Kingdom (Ayodya) to the kingdom of Alengka , ruled by the wicked giant, Rahwana.

The kecak Dance, also known as the Ramayana Monkey Chant, is an absolute must see for visitors to Bali. This unique dance is performed by a hundred or more men using their voices as percussive musical instrument. The men sit in circle just in front of the audient. They sway, stand up, or lie prone as the story develops.

The chanting men wear checked cloth around their waists, leave their chests bare, and throw their arms upwards with their fingers outstretched to the skies. This gesture drives out evil. Some of the men become actors in the drama being unfolded by the dancers who enter the stage and depict a battle from the Ramayana. As the performers chant, dancers stage a battle in which the monkey king, sugriwa and his army of monkeys help Prince Rama fight the evil king rahwana. Kecak has its origins in sanghyang, an exorcism dance in which some dancers go into a trance. The kecak is so popular among tourists that you can find performances almost anywhere on Bali.


The Story of Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance narrated story of Ramayana , the Hindu evict from Ramayana legend . The story begin when Rama the prince exiled in the forest due to family conflict in the Kingdom . He have to give his right to be a King to his younger brother Prince Barata . Even his brother don’t want it but he have to follow his mom , Ratu Kekayi wish . Ratu Kekayi is a step mother of Rama , the second wife of his father , the King . The king promise before married to Ratu keyayi that he will give his throne to her son . As a good son from the first King’s wife , Rama have to follow what his father promise . He don’t want his father break his promise that course him fall into a sin.

Rama and his wife Sita accompany by his brother Laksamana life in forest with a sense of love . Rahwana is actually character king of evil .

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