The Biggest Hindu Temple in Bali

The Biggest Hindu Temple

Bali private tour of Besakih temple The Biggest Hindu Temple in Bali is Besakih temple. We remember the day when we wanted to have a private Bali tour with a different feel. Something Beautiful with temples and mountain views because Bali is famous for the Thousand Temples And finally, our decision ended to Besakih Temple. […]


Traditional Herbal Drink Loloh Cemcem

Traditional herbal drink

Loloh Cemcem Traditional herbal drink, loloh cemcem this drink contains a lot of vitamin C and is usually taken to increase endurance and relieve heartburn. Distinctive of Penglipuran Village is a signature drink, “Loloh Cemcem”. At first, this loloh was only sold around Penglipuran Village. But now it has been sold in many areas outside […]


Tukad Cepung Waterfall, A Hidden Bali Private Tour Paradise behind Cliffs

tukad cepung waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a new Bali private tour located in Tembuku Village We remember the day when we wanted to have a Bali private tour with a different feel. Something fresh, watery, yet a little bit adventurous. But not to the beach. Even though Bali is famous for its beaches, but still, we believe […]


Penglipuran Village One of the Cleanest Village in the World

Ever imagined to be in a clean and tidy environment for Bali private tour? The place which is surrounded by nothing but a combination of the beauty of nature and culture. It is far away from pollutions, trashes, crowds and traffics. Well, you need to visit the cleanest resident in the world! Along with Giethoorn […]


Watching Sunset at Cool Spots? This Bali Private Tour is Your Answer!

watching sunset

Spectacular Spots of Bali Private Tour for Sunset Lovers Watching Sunset at Cool Spots? Do you want to walk along with beautiful panorama of the sky in the evening? Well, these trips are perfect for sunset lovers! Famous for its beaches, Bali offers beautiful sunset panorama from its bay. However, in addition to the beaches, […]