Traditional Herbal Drink Loloh Cemcem

Traditional herbal drink

Loloh Cemcem

Traditional herbal drink, loloh cemcem this drink contains a lot of vitamin C and is usually taken to increase endurance and relieve heartburn. Distinctive of Penglipuran Village is a signature drink, “Loloh Cemcem”. At first, this loloh was only sold around Penglipuran Village. But now it has been sold in many areas outside Penglipuran.

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Traditional herbal drink loloh cemcem, Its unique taste makes this drink very popular. Loloh cemcem is green because it is made from Cemcem leaves. In addition to Cemcem leaves, this drink is made from cinnamon which makes this drink sweet, betel leaf, the orange leaf that makes this drink have a sour taste, dap dap leaves, coconut water, and palm sugar which add sweetness to this drink.

The combination of these ingredients makes Loloh Cemcem feel very unique because it is a hereditary recipe in Penglipuran. Not only have one taste but many flavors. But the dominant taste is usually the sour taste. Actually, to make typical Penglipuran loloh is quite simple. The following are the ingredients in making the Traditional herbal drink loloh cemcem that is cemcem leaves, betel leaves, dapdap leaves, orange leaves, cinnamon, palm sugar, and coconut water.

The method is first to clean the green leaf and other leaves clean, second, finely crush the leaves until smooth, then add warm water as needed, third, add cinnamon extract, and palm sugar, the four drinks can be served in a glass. This drink can also be added with grated young coconut.

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