Hunting for Foggy Sunrise at Pinggan Village

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The Kintamani area is indeed famous for its cool air. No wonder if Kintamani is always visited by tourists to complete their Bali tour to get the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains in Bali. The view of Mount Batur and its lake looks very stunning when it’s seen from Kintamani. There is a village […]


Beautiful Beach like a Private One in Karangasem Bali

Beautiful beach

Beautiful beaches in Bali are not only Kuta Beach. There are still others like the Virgin Beach of Karangasem which also has immeasurable beauty. The beauty of Virgin Beach is still natural so it is appropriate if tourists are interested in coming. Not only the natural nature, the location of Virgin Beach is also hidden […]


Menjangan Island, the Perfect Real Paradise in West Bali

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Bali is not only about Kuta and Sanur beach. In the West Bali region there is a place that will amaze tourist at first glance. It is named Menjangan Island. It is said that this one island is the perfect definition of the beauty of the underwater panorama with a stretch of pristine white sand […]


Bali Swing : Swinging With Spectacular High

bali swing

Ever thought of swinging over an abyss with spectacular high? Thrilling feelings and adrenaline rush are all you get if you try Bali Swing. Only two hours to get to Ubud from Denpasar to get this new game in Bali. Not all visitors know this attraction because it’s really new. This is an exciting game […]


Kasna Garden : Edelweiss From Bali


Edelweiss is located in Temukus village, Karangasem, nearby the great temple of Besakih. The village is located at an altitude of 1.150 meters above sea level, so that the air is cool and tends to be cold, sometimes it fog comes down. Kasna flowers can only grow in Temukus village, they cannot be found anywhere […]