Bali Coffee Plantations

Bali Coffee Plantations

Bali Coffee Plantations is a place we can see the processes of making Bali coffee and also herbal tea.

Bali Coffee Plantations is one of the new tourist attractions in Bali and also one of our Bali Tour Programs. The coffee farm location usually in the mountain area . The local Balinese farmers are very creative to plant variety of coffee. The are to  farmers are stepping into a new idea to create their coffee plantations as a tourist attractions where you may visit in with some coffee for free testing . In this place you can see directly manufacture of civet coffee from the breeding mongoose animals .  Beside that you also see Coffee plantations , others herbal plantations and also to know how the shit become the most expensive drink .  See the mongoose animals is the most expensive coffee maker, well known as luwak , its produce “Coffee luwak” .  Bellow is the pictures of Bali coffee plantations

Bali Safest Driver Coffee Plantation

History of Luwak coffee

Luwak Coffee has a unique history behind the legend . In the early 18th century the Dutch established Bali coffee plantations on the volcanic island of the Dutch east indies . This  Arabica coffee hails from the mystical island of Bali. This  Arabica coffee hails from the mystical island of Bali.

Plantations owners forbade the local natives from harvesting and brewing the coffee beans for their own consumption. The indigenous people, being resourceful, soon discover that the Asian palm civet, favored eating coffee beans. These Luwak beans were collected, washed, sun dried and then roaste to produce a coffee with a deep richness , minus the acidity . The process of the bean passing through the digestive tract of the civet chemically alters the proteins in the Luwak coffee bean to yield more complex and smooth flavors , not found in conventional coffee.


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Selvum Pillay
April 9, 2018
Very informative web site. We are looking forward to our trip to Bali in August this year. I have been in contact with Mr Panji & we send our greetings from South Africa. Will most certainly confirm our tours soon. Thank you.
    April 10, 2018
    @Selvum Pillay Thanks for comment on our post, we will more than happy to assist you..And see you in Bali soon..
    October 29, 2019
    Thank you, @Selvum Pillay, for entrusting us to guide your journey.
July 20, 2019
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